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What Makes Springs Dangerous to Handle

What Makes Springs Dangerous to Handle
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Most people do not realize this, but the automatic door of their garage is the largest moving system in the entire house. It is convenient to use thanks to the garage door opener, but the reality is that the spring does most of the work during opening and closing. This makes it one of the most important components. It is also one of the most dangerous. Find out why this is the case and how to stay safe.

The Role and Functioning of Overhead Door Springs

What Makes Springs Dangerous to HandleThese components are responsible for balancing the door. In order for this to be achieved, they are loaded with force matching the weight of the door. During opening, this force is released to enable the process. The opposite happens during closing. The role of the electric operator for opening and closing is naturally very significant as well, but most of the work is done by the spring system.

Since the spring is loaded with force, this force can easily be released when it is not handled properly. This can lead to a serious injury and possibly to fatality as well. That is why you must not attempt to make any adjustments let alone repairs. Leave this to professionals who are qualified for the job and have sufficient experience. The specialists of our garage door repair company in Belleair Beach are always available to help.

There are other serious consequences of improper handling. You may not be able to set the garage door spring correctly and this can cause damage to the other hardware parts and to the opener. There is also risk of the door collapsing in such cases. Needless to say, this will cause great damage to the unit and possibly to other property such as your car if it is parked in the garage. The risk of injuries for the people around is extremely high as well. You would not want to get into all this trouble just because you are overly confident in your technical skills.

While you should not adjust or repair the spring, you should readily maintain it. The tasks are simple to do and require you to take only basic safety measures. You can clean and lubricate the spring as part of annual garage door maintenance. You can use safe solvent to remove sticky dirt. Apply lubricant recommended by your manufacturer. You must remember to wear protective glove when performing these tasks.

Now you know what safety measures to take when it comes to springs. You should definitely check them on a regular basis and have them fixed right away if you notice any problems such as deformation and great wear. This will give you complete peace of mind about the safety of everyone who uses your overhead door.

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