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Let today be the day that you'll learn how to keep your garage door safe with these tips

Get triple layer panel doors

If you are considering getting insulated garage doors, check out the triple layer steel panels. The doors will provide higher energy efficiency and will also be stronger. In this case, you can invest in 27 gauge steel since three layers will offer plenty of security.

Maintenance is your best friend

You may have not realized it yet but garage door maintenance is your best friend. That's the tip of the day by Garage Door Repair Belleair Beach. Regular maintenance will solve possible problems and allow garage door parts to work more efficiently and maintain durability.

Provide complete roller inspection during maintenance

You have to check the wheels for dents, deformation, and extensive wear and tear. Pay close attention to the axles which hold the wheels as well. You have to inspect them for twisting and bending as well as for damage, wear and tear, and breakage. If any of these problems is present, timely roller replacement is needed.

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