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Garage Door Repair Services
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The garage door misbehaves again. What’s wrong this time around? Check out some of the most common problems and their solutions.

Bent Track Repair

Garage Door Repair ServicesNot all tracks have the same thickness and the thinner ones are more prone to bending than others. Sometimes, the only way to notice the bent section is to run a careful check. In other cases, the rollers get stuck and the door cannot close. Depending on how bad the bending is, the section can be straightened. If the track is close to breaking, repair won’t help and it will have to be replaced.

Safety Sensors Troubleshooting

When the so called photo eyes don’t work the door will keep reversing and won’t close fully unless you hold the wall button. The first troubleshooting step involves wiping the sensors clean and adjusting them so that they are aimed at each other. If the door still doesn’t close with the remote, the sensors should be checked. If they are faulty, they have to be replaced straight away. Sometimes, the problem comes from damaged wiring. In this case, replacing the cord should be sufficient.

Garage Door Trolley Repair

The trolley is driven by the chain, belt or spinning rod of the opener along the rail. It is connected to the moving arm, which brings the door up during opening and takes it down during closing. It is a fairly small metal component, but it does a great amount of work. That is why it can break eventually. When this happens, the motor runs smoothly and the trolley actually goes along the rail, but the door doesn’t move. The solution involves replacing the trolley with a new one having the same specs. Then the opener system is tested to ensure that it runs properly.

Broken Spring Replacement

There is loud bang and the door becomes impossible to open. A torsion or extension spring just broke. This is easy to confirm, as you simply need to look up and you will see the two pieces hanging on the shaft or safety cable. Replacement involves removing the pieces and installing a new spring. The torsion one is mounted over the shaft and wound. The extension one is connected to the mounting bolt and the pulley via the fork.

For all problems with springs, openers and other parts, count on our garage door repair services. We fix and replace everything from the panels to the remotes.

Give us a call any time, and learn more about us at Garage Door Repair in Belleair Beach by checking out our website.

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